About Ostomy

Ostomy guide is a Web resource for individuals who either have, or know someone who has had to deal with the implications of an ostomy.

What is ostomy?

An ostomy is a general term describing the surgical process of creating a “stoma” or “opening” that connects a body part to the outside environment.

Some of the most common forms of an ostomy are:

  • Colostomy (Connecting part of the large intestine through the skin)
  • Illeostomy ( Connecting part of the small intestine through the skin)
  • Tracheostomy (Opening the windpipe through the neck)
  • Urostomy (Opening for the urinary system)

There are numerous health conditions that require the artificial creation of a stoma.

For most, this type of operation can be an uncomfortable experience for both the body and mind of the patient.  It also often requires specialized medical supplies to care and manage.

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