When they first get ostomy surgery, most folks are immediately concerned about how their lives will change.  But with some planning, most come to find that their lives don’t change as much as they first believed.

While the time you’re using an ostomy pouch, and the time the pouches are drained can be managed, preparation for accidents can save a lot of embarrassment.  Here are some tips to make all the preparations:

1) Pack a “travel kit” – Make a separate kit to take with you that includes two brand new ostomy appliances.  Also throw a couple sanitary bags in there as well.  All of this can be carried in a small discreet bag or tote, always available in case you need it.

2) Keep supplies nearby where you spend a lot of time – Just like your travel kit, have a separate supply available to you in case you need it at work, school, or anywhere you’re spending hours at a time.

3) Keep an extra pair of clothes – you never know when you may need them.

4) Keep a Contact – Make sure a family member or friend knows where you’re supplies are at, they know what they are, and how to get them to you.

5) Have a supplier handy – If you’re out of town, it’s a good idea to find out the locations of medical supply stores in advance.  If you have no other options, have a supplier online who can get you ostomy supplies next day if you have no other options.

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