Ostomy Videos

Living with an Ostomy

Ostomy Surgery Explanation
Joy demonstrates how colostomy surgery is done.
(If you like the anatomical apron, she sells them here.)

Coloplast Ostomy Bag User Guide
Animated Video Demonstration for How to Use a Colostomy Bag

Ostomy Surgery and Operations

Discretionary Note: The videos below contain graphic depictions of surgical operations.

Colostomy Surgery Procedure – Sigmoid Loop
Video of a Colostomy Surgery

Endoscopy video: A Normal Sigmoid Colon
An endoscopy of a healthy colon.

Medical & Miscellaneous Videos

Ulcerative Colitis: Changing Ostomy Appliance
In this fantastic video, Dennis explains in detail all of the supplies and procedures for changing his Ostomy bag.

Wearing an Ostomy Belt
Dennis explains the purpose of an ostomy belt.

Uncover Ostomy
Jessica Grossman tells her story of how she ended up with an Ostomy.

Nursing Students Rap about Ostomy
The world’s first Ostomy rap!

Ostomy Lifestyle – Swim and Fashion Show
One of a kind event highlights fashion and modelling for individuals with ostomy (often colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy)

Nadia Rocks Fashion with an Ostomy Pouch
Ostomy does not mean you have to sacrifice style.