UOAA Announced the 1st National Ostomy Awareness Day for July 25th, 2010!

UOAA logoOstomy Awareness Day is to spread awareness on the Ostomy surgery that has benefited and saved the lives of so many people.   Here’s the UOAA “Official” page on their good-looking new Website: http://www.ostomy.org/ostomy_awareness_day.shtml

This is largely an online, social-networking awareness event for Ostomy. Show your support by:

  • Changing your profile picture to the UOAA logo.
  • Changing your Facebook status to the day’s slogan.
  • Tweeting and Blogging about Ostomy Awareness.
  • Encourage your Friends, Family, and Local Support Groups to participate!

“Ostomates Unite and Help Place The Ostomy In A Positive Light! Celebrate UOAA’s Ostomy Awareness Day!”

Some other things going on for Ostomy Awareness Day:

1) TalkinBoutGuts.com has an online Podcast about ostomy. They want to go 24 hours LIVE all day on Ostomy Awareness Day and need some co-hosts and participants to help make this happen. Contact them through Twitter or the Talkin’ Bout Guts Website.

2) STLMedical.com, our site sponsor, is donating 5% of all ostomy supply sales to the UOAA from July 3rd – July 27th, 2010. (There’s a couple days after the Ostomy Day event to participate.)

3) The UOAA has opened an online store with an “I (heart) my Ostomy” shirts and UOAA merchandise: Find them here!

4) C&S Pouch Covers is donating 10% of all sales on July 25th to the UOAA. And, if you order 6 pouch covers, you will get 2 free. Visit C&S Pouch Covers here.

5) c3Life.com has pledged a donation of $1 for every Tweet with the tag #OstomyDay on July 25th, up to $2,500. Be sure to participate between the fundraiser time of 12:00am to 12:00pm, and ask your friends and family to as well!

We’ll add to this page as we know of more goings-on, so bookmark it through the event and feel free to comment or contact us with any more Ostomy Awareness Day activities!