This weekend, thousands of survivors and family members for those who have suffered Colon Cancer will gather in Central Park at 10am on Sunday March 28th for an annual walk/run marathon.

The event is sponsored by the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation, held to raise awareness for Colon Cancer. It is the top colorectal cancer awareness event in the United States and invites participation of thousands from across the country – doctors, nurses, friends, family, and of course, survivors.

The annual event raises funds for screening, prevention, and research for colorectal cancer. Last year over 5,000 participants ran and walked through New York in the 4 mile and 15k events. This year, the emphasis is on colon cancer screenings, encouraging the public to schedule a colon cancer screening.

Colorectal cancer is a leading cause of death, with over 150,000 Americans diagnosed each year. That said, it is preventable and can even be stopped as long as it is detected and treated early enough. It is recommended that adults aged 50 and up begin regular screenings. Those with a family history of colon cancer may wish to start screenings earlier.

Find out more about this weekend’s event, registration, and how to get involved: