Ok, so this isn’t directly about Ostomy, but it’s noteworthy news.  Convatec, a provider of Ostomy supplies as well as wound and skin care supplies used by many has provided relief efforts and aid from its Dominican-based manufacturing plant by sending $400,000 in wound care bandages and dressings to Haitians needing medical supplies fast.

Convatec is cooperating with the Red Cross to get these supplies to the Haitians who need them most and to get them as fast as possible.  It is good to see a generous donation from a corporation with the means and supplies to help in what could possibly be the largest humanitarian crisis of 2010.

Thanks to Convatec, organizations, governments, and individuals donating and/or helping in Haiti.  Please continue to support these relief efforts.  Time is of the essence for these impoverished people whose lives are depend on the generosity and aid of the rest of the world.