A stoma doesn’t mean an end of an active lifestyle, and a stoma shouldn’t be an excuse to stay off your feet. There are many, many active ostomates running marathons, swimming, climbing, and pretty much doing anything the rest of us do.

Closed Pouches – Closed pouches with a good adhesive will offer waterproof protection for the wearer; perfect for those play sports, run, swim, or enjoy lots of physical activity.

Mini-Pouches – If you’re showing skin in a bathing suit or need something that will stay out of the way and isn’t as visible under clothing, try a mini-pouch such as ConvaTec’s SUR-FIT Natura or the Hollister Premier Mini Pouch.

Strong Waterproof Adhesives – You’ll want a strong adhesive for activewear that can resist breakdown due to sweat and moisture. Many skin barriers and wafers come with some level of adhesive, you’ll have to check the brands and types that work well for your particular stoma. When you’re using strong adhesives, you’ll need a strong remover as well so removing the wafer does not leave your skin feeling “tacky” and irritated. Adhesives such as Osto-Bond and Perma-Type Surgical Cement work well, but equally well are products provided by Hollister, Convatec, and Coloplast (this goes for removers as well).