With some preparation and easy planning, you can quickly decrease the amount of time caring for your ostomy and also decrease the potential embarrassing situations. Here are some ostomy supplies available to add to your list:

Washes, Cleansers, and Wipes – There are a number of incontinence/ostomy related products that work great for situations where a pouch, appliance, or barrier has leaked. These products clean the skin to keep it free of rashes, irritation, and infections that can be caused by skin contact with wastes. Some wipes also have adhesive removers, so you can clean the “tacky” feeling of adhesives and leave the skin soft before you start applying the next skin barrier.

Devrom Tablets – These are over-the-counter and FDA approved tablets for odor control that can be used by those with Ostomy as well as IBS and incontinence. The formula includes bismuth subgallate – simply chewing 1 Devrom tablet with meals will help control internal digestive odor.

Pouch Deodorizer – There are deodorizers for pouches such as Hollister’s m9 Drop Deodorizer that simply needs a few drops in a new pouch before applying to neutralize pouch odors. Similarily, Coloplast makes a product called O.A.D. that with a few drops offers odor protection for up to 8 hours.

Pouch Gas Releases and Filters – For pouches without filters built in, you can easily add an Osto-EZ-Vent that lasts the lifetime of your pouch, allowing for air release. For something that also filters pouches, consider Filtrodor filters from Coloplast which allow you to not only control the odors but how much gas gets released from the pouch.

Room Spray Deodorizers – There are a number of sprays, and while retail store products can mask remove odors, there are a number that are highly effective in neutralizing odors quickly. Bard Medi-Aire Odor Eliminator is a great product, Odor Assassin works great, and so does Hollister m9 deodorizer.