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Interesting Ostomy Products You May Not Have Seen Before

Most vendors of ostomy products provide pouches, wafers, adhesives, pastes, and even some skin products.  But, there’s a whole collection of Ostomy products developed by creative and entrepreneurial ostomates who have sought extra convenience, discreetness, and safety.

Here are a collection of some of the products you may not have seen in stores:

Ostomy ArmorOstomy Armor – Ostomy Armor is a waist belt with a left or right-sided protective shield that fits over the stoma and pouch to protect it.  It’s perfect for those who move a lot, preventing pouch punctures, leaks, blowouts, etc. also sells Kevlar and Carbon Fiber pouched covers, so if you ever take a bullet, you’ll probably want it aimed at your Stoma.

My Heart TiesMy Heart Ties – Attractive, feminine ostomy pouch covers for women.  These slip over an Ostomy pouch to make it look less “medical” and more “accessory”.

Ostaway X BagsOstaway X-Bag Disposable Bags – There are probably other opaque baggies similar to this made for diapers and such, but it’s an easy way to dispose of used Ostomy appliances discreetly and quickly if you’re in public.  These baggies are leak-proof, help keep odors contained, and will fit the ostomy appliances of major brands.

Stomico PliersStomico Ostomy Wafer Pliers – If you’re cutting your own ostomy wafers, or cutting them for your patients, you can quickly and easily get a perfect cut with Stomico’s ostomy pliers and changeable cutting discs that measure between 17mm and 43mm.

Ostomy EZ CleanOstomy EZ Clean – EZ Clean is a system that fits to your home or apartment’s water supply.  It attaches to a drainable Ostomy pouch to flush and clean it out quickly through a tap installed on the top.  EZ Clean helps make cleaning out pouches easier, faster and more sanitary.

EZ VentOsto-EZ-Vent – EZ-Vent is a pouch vent that can be installed on most ostomy pouches, designed for quick controlled relief of gas from an Ostomy pouch without removing it.  It lasts for the lifetime of the pouch.  (It also works on stoma caps and esophageal fistula pouches.)

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One Response to “Interesting Ostomy Products You May Not Have Seen Before”

  1. George Mandalou says:

    You can reuse the Osto-EZ-Vent. Remove it from the pouch before you throw it away; put it in alcohol to sanitize it. Then remove all of the glue from the back. I use a #4 emery board to scour the back of the vent then clean it with 91 proof alcohol. When completely dry put a 3m or other high tack double face tape of the back and trim it to fit. I use a leather hole punch to put a hole in the double face tape once its attached to the vent. Before I put it on the pouch I also lightly scour the pouch plastic and clean it with the 91 proof alcohol. Once I adhere it to the new pouch I use a long thin scissors to put a hole in the pouch then break a Q-Tip and use the end to ensure there is a nice hole in the pouch at the vent. You should be able to get at least 10 uses from each vent; its usable as long as the plug stays in the vent hole without popping out.

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