Nurses and patient caregivers specializing in Ostomy and Continence will want to take interest in this upcoming conference in Phoenix, Arizona on June 12-16, 2010.

From the Press release distributed today:

Whether your professional focus is local, regional, national or international, the principles and techniques specific to WOC nursing specialty are impacted by events and developments that are occurring worldwide. Many of the conference’s sessions are particularly timely given recent world events. These sessions include: Wound Care in Disaster Relief, a panel discussion about the role of wound care nurses in times of earthquakes, war, and natural disasters; Meltdown! Facing Some Realities in Nursing and Health Provisions, an examination of global issues that impact nursing and medical delivery of care; ET Nurses Challenges Around the World, a lecture and discussion surrounding the role of ET nurses in emerging, as well as developed countries; and, Building Bridges: Transcultural Ostomy Nursing, a session dedicated to uniting like-minded WOC-Stoma Care Nurses from many countries and cultures to explore the impact of culture on the ostomy patient.

Website: (*Update 5/13 – Link No Longer Works)