Found a good Q&A today from Donna Sardina with the question: Do you have any tips for treating denuded skin around a flush stoma?

Flush stomas can have their own unique set of problems, including leaks that cause nasty skin problems and eroding the adhesives on your ostomy appliance.

It’s an unpleasant experience, to say the least. But if you’re sure you’ve done everything right in donning your appliances, here are some tips offered in the article:

1) Use ostomy pouches and inserts with convexity so the stoma protrudes a little more, discouraging leaks and more output into the bag.

2) Use Skin Barrier Powder on the skin before you put the wafer on.

3) Apply an alcohol-free liquid skin barrier to help prevent the barrier from breaking down and protecting the skin, such as 3M No Sting Barrier Wipes and Coloplast Brava Protective Barrier Wipes.

4) If the skin is severely denuded use several layers of powder and sealant to protect the skin.

5) Use skin barrier paste to fill in skin irregularities so you’re getting a firm adhesion of the wafer.

6) Empty pouches when they are one-third to one-half full so the seal doesn’t break.