Colostomy surgery isn’t taken lightly. Bad news about health, combined with frightening surgery, a stoma, and a pile of necessary medical equipment for daily life is nothing taken lightly. It is a life-changing event that at times is cumbersome, embarrassing and difficult.

Those of us who have experienced the pain and suffering of colon cancer, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis or other digestive diseases understand without question a Stoma is preferred over illness, and wearing ostomy appliances are an easy exchange to a potentially fatal health condition.

Whether need for an ostomy is temporary or permanent, there are thousands of ostomates living out their lives happily, many with little thought of their Stoma or the extra work required to manage ostomy appliances every day. And thanks to modern ostomy products, everyone can go about their daily business with less thought of their stoma and more about living life.

Below are links to a series of articles based on lifestyle and situations where specific types of ostomy supplies come in handy.

Ostomy Supplies for Active People
Ostomy Supplies for Intimacy
Ostomy Supplies for Overweight People
Ostomy Supplies for Children and Pediatrics
Ostomy Supplies for Cleanliness and Odor Preventions
Interesting Ostomy Products You Haven’t Seen Before