UPDATE 6/11/2010! Convatec’s Vitala has won a Gold Award for Medical Design Excellence at the Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) East Conference and Exposition.

Convatec VitalaVitala, a new disposable colostomy control device for ostomates, provides an integrated filter that works with Convatec’s skin barriers that seals the stoma safely shut, keeping the stool inside up to 8 hours while still allowing air and gas to release through a deodorizing filter built into the waterproof device.

To make removal and changing easy, the device has a built-in expandable container that makes changing easier without risks of leaks and odors.

Obviously, this device is far more low-profile and less noisy than an ostomy pouch, and clinical trials show that the new Vitala device can be used safely up to 8 hours for patients that have had surgery at least 6-12 weeks prior.

The Convatec Ostomy Vitala device is already available in some Eurpoean countries and will be demonstrated in the United States on June 12-16, 2010 at the WOCN/WCET Joint Meeting in Phoeniz, AZ.  It should be available to U.S. patients likely around Fall of 2010.

Update: The Vitala Device has also just won a 2010 Medical Design Excellent Award